Droid X, can I tether without the fee's?


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Jun 27, 2010
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I am wondering if anyone has had any success with tethering a Verizon Droid X to your computer for internet service (Hot Spot) using an app (like easy tether or other?? ..) without getting charged the Verizon Hot Spot fee's?
yes a lot of us have. root and get barnicle or wireless tether off of the market.
OK. .. what are the advantage of rooting? Disadvantages?
link 2 in my sig will help u learn more about rooting.
OK. .. what are the advantage of rooting? Disadvantages?

If you're too lazy to read:

Rooting is similar to having administrative access to a PC. If you're at work or school and they won't let you mess with certain settings, rooting lets you gain access to them.

Advantages: free tethering, lots of root only apps, custom roms, etc.

Disadvantages: Voids your warranty. (Most roots can be unrooted which makes what you did undetectable if you have to send your phone in.)

I suggest you download z4root from the market and try it out.