Droid X bricked after 2.2.1 update!


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Feb 2, 2010
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I'm not sure if i can say the website on here but i downloaded the OTA update for 2.2.1 online. it updated fine but then z4 and root was completely messed up. no matter what i did with z4 (hitting the root or unroot button) it would not root the phone. so all my root apps (setcpu, root explorer, etc) were not working.

I decided to SBF back to froyo, and using RSDlite 4.8 and it bricked to bootloader. Now my screen reads like this:


Service Req'd
Battery OK
OK to Program
Connect USB
Data Cable

Then if i plug in the data cable the bottom two lines change to:

Transfer Mode:

Nothing i do does anything. I already called tech support and they had me do the hold home and power or try and hold down the search key or hold home + down volume + power. Nothing changes anything.

Did i truly brick my droid x? Wow, that would be an expensive mistake! Paypal gift in it for whoever can help me out of this hole.

did you flash the leak sbf of 2.2.1? if not that should fix it. i think its 2.3.320 (i downloaded it from the teamblackhat app)
I flashed the mydroidworld 2.2.1. is that the leak? and i can't find the 2.3.320 anywhere. all the links are taken down.
I flashed the mydroidworld 2.2.1. is that the leak? and i can't find the 2.3.320 anywhere. all the links are taken down.

its still 2.2.1 but its the full sbf file they had. all i did was flash the full sbf (2.3.320) and flashed the system only sbf (2.3.40). but to fix yours all you need is the full sbf to get it up and running again. i'm sure you if you search you will find it or you can download it from the teamblackhat app
Thank you Littlerick!!!! This is exactly what i needed. I flashed the full sbf (2.3.320) and that got me to the droid eye. it bootlooped from there to the droid word and back again. So i had to go into the ! triangle droid menu and do wipe cache and wipe system or whatever. Then it booted up to the droid where you activate the phone. Complete wipe but that saved me $400!!! Woot!!! Wife is happy.Now i sbf'ed the system only 2.3.340 and everything is perfect EXCEPT my kernal is not the g55626e1 one. Anyone know what the kernel effects? i would like to have the official kernel but if it's not that important i won't spend too much time looking for it. Thanks again!
Kernel effects everything, but it can't be changed so don't worry about it. Glad someone helped you, was about to bust in here and say the same thing about sbf
This is why if I mod my phone. I ALWAYS (since no 2.3.151 sbf is available) BACKUP everything. If I remove the bloatware. I MOVE it. NOT delete it. I can UNDO all mods. Root, Bootstrap and app that were removed.
I always make a backup right after I root my phone. I name the backup "Clean[version no.] - for example Clean2.2
then if I want to ota or return to stock I just restore the backup. Then I can do whatever I want to the bloatware etc. I also dumped a .zip of all the stock bloat onto my computer for future use so if you need some pm me
cool you guys answered my question i am having the same problem with .340 with z4root i will sbf back then forward:icon_ banana:
I SBF'd to the official Froyo release from Verizon, booted just fine. With a fresh install, I downloaded the .340 OTA and that bootlooped my phone. Wiped cache/data, no dice. Had to take it to verizon to get it restored by them. Works now and is on .340, but ya, the official OTA bootlooped my phone. yay.