Droid x battery trouble


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Jul 24, 2010
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I have a quick question about my battery. Within the past week or so I have noticed that my battery has gotten significantly worse to the point where it doesn't last an entire day with a full charge (charge it while I sleep and unplug when I wake up), as opposed to before a week ago, being able to go two days or so without charging.

I don't think my usage has really changed much since I didn't use and apps that drained my battery that much and still don't (although I did download the amazon app store right around that time. Haven't heard of that causing a problem like that though).

I decided to try this program called battery life (or something like that) and it says that my battery is at 3611mv. I'm not sure if that's good or bad.

I was wondering if it sounds like I have a bad battery or something along those lines.


I deleted a few apps off my phone and charged it while keeping the phone off and I have had it running for almost 24 hours now and am at 80% full still. Not sure what was causing the trouble before but it seems to be back to normal now.

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