Droid X auto retrieve Gmail


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Jan 20, 2011
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Hello All,

After getting my new Droid X and being a fan of Gmail, I had hoped that whenever I would get new Gmail to my account, it would automatically notify me on the X that I have new email, yet I could never get this working. The only way I can get my new gmail is to open the gmail app and refresh it. I dropped by my local Verizon store and explained this to them and the guy spent about 5 minutes looking through all my menus but found nothing out of place and all looked normal to him and he gave me the tech phone number for verizon tech support. I called up that number and spk with a female tech that ask to walk through 'these simple steps' that she was reading from her que cards. The problem was her second step was not appearing on my X so after her repeating this several times, checking with some one else several times, asking me several time if I was sure I owned an X and several times of me requesting her supervisor and being told she could not do that, I decided that tech support call was going nowhere. I am now looking to this forum in hopes of an answer. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Any ideas, suggestions, comments? Thanks.
Hello, i downloaded an app called "extended controls" and it gives you toggles for literally almost everyhting that a toggle can be used for. It gives you an option for a toggle that will toggle "autosync" on and off. If you use the toggle for "autosync" and turn auto sync on then everytime a message comes to your inbox you will see it on your phones google inbox. Even with auto sync on i can still 16+ hours of battery. So it doesnt eat up battery at all for the most part. Hope this can help.