Droid will not allow me to remove a non market app.


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Jan 29, 2010
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I installed Quick Office from my SD Card not the market place. I am trying to remove it but can't. Since it's a non market app I can't select the app in the market place and click uninstall. So when I click Settings/Applications/Manage Apps/QuickOffice all the options for the app are greyed out. I can't click uninstall. I tried to use an uninstaller app from the market place but it wouldn't let me uninstall QuickOffice either. The app doesn't appear among my applications, but when I click on a document from my SD card it appears as an available choice to open that file.

Other than a Hard Reset does anybody have a solution?


Gerald Thomas
Thats the kind of issues you run into by stealing apps instead of paying for them :(
First, are you rooted? If you are rooted you can download a program called Titanium Backup. With this program you can delete that program.

MICP 1480
Issue solved.

From ThinkMobile.com
If you own a Nexus One, HTC DROID ERIS or Magic, or the Motorola DROID Android phone then you may already be familiar with the Quickoffice file viewer that is pre-installed on your phone.

I guess that I was wrong. I though I had installed Quick Office, but it turns out I installed OfficeSuite Viewer from Mobihand. OfficeSuite Viewer (Android) - Productivity Android Apps

I didn't install QuickOffice it was pre-installed. Didn't realize that.

500+ Stores/Online Stores/Restuarants/Hotels accept my credit card. The Android marketplace doesn't. So I have to by them directly from the developer or from online app stores.

Since it's pre-installed and I guess you can't remove pre-installed aps. That sucks.

By the way I am running Android 2.2.1 it is not rooted.

Thanks for the help.

Don't ever say can't. You won't believe what you can accomplish by typing something as simple as this, "removing factory installed apps on my droid", on google. I just did and there is an entire library on this.