Droid Thunderbolt Pic Message Issue


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Mar 25, 2011
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Since I've gotten the phone when I try to send picture messages it comes up with, " Sorry! The process com.android.mms has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again." Then force close button. Anybody know how to fix this problem? I really can't deal with Verizon again! If i have to call them one more time I'm going to flip out.
are you useing the stock messenger app? mine is working fine but sends them as a slide show even with one pic and my wife couldnt get it to open on her email but could on her phone
A little more info would help. Are you trying to send a picture you took on the phone? It's possible it could be something wrong with the file type. Check to make sure you can access other data portrals (like web). Try pulling the battery out for 10 seconds. And I hate to say it, but if you can't fix it you'll want to take it into a corporate Verizon store to have them troubleshoot it. There could be several things going on.