Droid Tether via Bluetooth


Nov 7, 2009
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First enable software installation from another source by going to Setting -> Application -> and check "Unknown Source"

Go to URL with your DROID - PdaNet for Android

Download version 2.11 and install.

Make phone bluetooth discoverable. Use code 123 from PC to access.

Thanks to Darkbleed over at Androidforums for finding this.

I'll have the How To write up later tonight when I get home.

Other write up available are:


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Everything's working via USB, but can't figure out how to do it via Bluetooth. Devices are paired and visible, but there doesn't seem to be any option in PDANet to look anywhere other than USB for a connection. Anxiously awaiting your full write-up on this...
All good up to setting up the DUN connection. I have no option for selecting the "Connect Using" setting. The box is pre-populated with "Modem - PDANet Modem (COM7)" with no other options. Is there a driver I need to download to get the Bluetooth Modem Driver to pop up here?
Nope, the Bluetooth Modem Driver should be part of the WinXP/Vista frame work. I plug in the bluetooth on the XP machine and have no issue with it showing up. Make sure you have it paired correctly. And before you connect, ensure on the DROID PHONE, you activated bluetooth connection in the PDANet program.
Yeah, it's paired correctly. Exchanged passcode with the Droid and the computer recognized it and then installed some Droid drivers, so that's not the problem.

The problem is in setting up the DUN. There just isn't an option to use a Bluetooth Modem Driver. I'm using Vista Home 32-bit, so perhaps there's something else I need to do that's different from you if you're using XP. I'll continue to look around and play with it. If I find the answer, I'll report back. If you get it to work with Vista, please let me know.

Not, if we tether via what ever type of connection, is it going to be extra monthly or not?
If you tether through verizon's app (once's it's enabled), you will need their additional tethering plan with a monthly cost. You will also be limited to 5GB / month.

If you tether via a third party app like PDANet, there's no way for verizon to know you're using it vs using the browser on your phone directly, so no monthly charge. But, if you have ridiculous data usage per month, they will investigate and probably shut you down. They've also said that if you're found to be tethering, they will back charge you for all data used in that manner.

IMO, non-verizon tethering apps are an emergency solution only, not something that could or should replace your ISP.