Lotus Notes Sync & Outlook Sync w/Droid


Nov 7, 2009
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I wrote up a method to do sync with Lotus Notes using CompanionLink. Of all the products I've look at, they all offered Syc via Internet and no USB. Recently CompanionLink Announced a USB version coming soon.

This is what they recently announced

Hi Android user!

You signed up to receive an update when CompanionLink finalizes a launch date for our Android USB sync solution. We have some great news - we expect to launch a direct and secure two-way USB sync solution for Android phones within 90 days.

You will be able to do a wired (USB) sync between your PC and Android phone. You will not need to use Google or other over-the-air services to transfer, back up, or sync your data. Everything is securely done using the USB cable that came with your phone. If you've already purchased one of our products, the new USB sync solution will be a free update for you.

Our plan is to sync PC contacts to the native address book on Android phones. For calendar and tasks, we have a refreshingly different approach. We are developing our own calendar and tasklist apps that will run on Android phones. These apps will have features beyond the built-in calendar and tasks apps, such as the ability to link calendar events and task items to contacts, categories, priorities, and various sort options. For example, if you have scheduled a call with someone in your calendar, you will be able to quickly tap on the linked contact name from within the calendar event and call them. Our goal is to add PC-like functions to those apps that business users have come to expect.

PC software that will be supported:
- MS Outlook
- MS Outlook with Business Contact Manager
- Palm Desktop
- IBM Lotus Notes
- Novell GroupWise
- ACT! by Sage
- FrontRange Goldmine

We'll send you a progress update email in December.

Happy Thanksgiving!

The CompanionLink Team