Droid suddenly reboots, HELP!!!


Nov 12, 2009
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My droid reboots all of a sudden in the middle of browsing and texting or certain apps it just reboots,


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Nov 30, 2009
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Same thing here.
I got mine the first week they became available and aside from 2-3 lock-up / freeze of the phone I never really had a problem.
Mine is not modded in any way / shape form - just a handful of apps mostly free ones loaded.
Things I tried (none helped by the way):
Remove the most recently installed apps hoping that might resolve it
Remove battery and re-insert sometimes waiting 30 minutes or more
Remove ALL apps other than built-in apps
Turn off BT, wifi, GPS
I backed up all data and reformatted memory card via menu option
Performed a factory reset (hard reset) - while trying to activate phone... rebooted and / or touch-screen was not responding

I brought it into a Verizon store local to me this AM and they thought it was a fault in the phone portion of the device and told me to call Verizon support and get a new phone.

Called Verizon, they are shipping me new phone. They stressed that if there was water / moisture damage it would not be covered. (it does not have a moisture damage)

It's too bad the phone is failing but at least I the service is very good.

Perhaps try some of the things I tried, see what others say. If it just started think about what might have recently changed (new apps loaded, dropped phone, perhaps you modded your phone, extreme heat / cold, etc.)

Good luck. If your phone is in good physical shape, Verizon will help you.