DROID STUCK IN WHITE SCREEN - Will extended warranty cover this?


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Jan 17, 2012
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I told Verizon that I had a minor mechanical defect on my Droid, and they've already sent me a replacement Droid (but I need to return my defective Droid within 5 days). The defective Droid is rooted, which means I need to unroot it before I send it back to them.

To unroot, I followed the rules listed in this link:
How To: Unroot the Motorola Droid | TheUnlockr

I got everything to work fine, but at the very end my Droid said: Critical error "DEA1"

NOW I'M LEFT WITH A COMPLETELY WHITE SCREEN and I cannot access any of the phone's features, not even the home screen. I took out the battery and put it back and it still has the white screen. I unplugged the USB and turned on the phone - still white screen. I plugged the USB and turned on the phone - still white screen. I've tried practically everything you can think of (even pressing "up" on the D-pad while pressing power), and it still leads to a white screen.

I've searched everywhere on the forum for answers, but it seems like there is no solution for this white screen of death.

So the ULTIMATE question is: WILL VERIZON COVER THIS UNDER THEIR WARRANTY, FREE OF CHARGE? I'm asking this because I know there are some things they DON'T cover, and I just want to know if this may be one of them.

I'm trying to prevent dishing out $$$$ on a replacement phone to replace my replacement phone -___- Talk about bad luck.

If anyone had experience with this issue and were successful with getting their phone replaced free of charge due to this, I would be forever grateful for some answers!