Droid R2D2 Contact Pictures


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Feb 16, 2011
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I got my Droid today and it is synced with my facebook so it has all of my friends on it.
I noticed that it doesnt show their picture until I click on their contact information.
Is there a way to change the picture from C3PO to to their facebook picture so it has their picture next to their name instead of C3POs?



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Mar 8, 2011
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I realize this is an older post but I just got my Droid R2D2 and was having the same problem and could not find any help that did not involve downloading files and such so I'm figuring there may still be others having this issue and I accidentaly stumbled on to the solution and was able to replace the C3PO icon on all my contacts
1. Save your contact pictures in the DCIM folder.
2. Go to your applications and activate the camera. When the camera app opens you will see on the lower left an Icon resembling a stack of photos with one of your photos on the top.
3. This icon will only stay visible for a couple of seconds so tap it right away. You can now scroll through all the photos in the DCIM folder.
4. Find the photo you need and tap it to select it.
5. Tap the menu icon to select options
6. Tap the "More" option.
7. Tap the "Set As" option
8. Then tap the "Contacts" folder
9. Scroll to find the contact name and tap it
10. Tap save.
11. Exit to your Home screen and tap the Contacts icon.
12. Find the contact you just edited and you will see that it has now been updated with the photo.