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Nov 30, 2010
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I would like to know how to change my alert tone to something different than the presets. I can add my own ringtones but not alert tones. Any ideas on how to customize the Droid Pro alert tones??????????
Create a new folder on the sd card named Media. Under Media create one called Audio. Under Audio create one each for Ringtones, Notifications, and Alarms. Put whatever you want in each and your phone will see them.
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Go into your text message app or email app(s) and click on the "menu" tab to find the options to change the tone. Just remember that if you also use an app for different "profiles" to make sure the profiles are also set to the tone(s) of preference or it will go back to "default" if you don't change those settings as well.
That works to get the tones onto the phone...but I can't seem to set any of them as a notification tone. I can only set them as a ringtone. When you go under "Alert Tone"; you can only choose from the original phone choises.
Your folder setup on the sd card should look like this. Capitalization doesn't matter.

If it's set up correctly and you still can't choose from Alarms, reboot the phone and try again.
Ok, I just took a look at the Droid Pro system dump and the Pro has one additional folder under Media named Alert, so create that folder on the sd card under Audio like you did the others. No need to create eri or ui folders.
Yes, that is how it looks on the sd card. On the droid pro however, when you get into the alert tone settings it only shows the factory tones. In the ringtones folder though, you can add anything you want, but not in the alert tones on the phone. Also, how did you make that screen cap? That is awesome!
All the Ringtones, Notifications, and Alarms, with all the Droid models are in ogg format. I see there is just one file in the Alert folder, named alert_2.wav. I wonder if the Alerts need to be wav format, I wouldn't think so but maybe.

I would put a small wav file in the Alert folder, then reboot the phone for good measure, and see if the phone recognizes it. Attached is a zip file with 2 wav files in it, the original that is on your phone and one I pulled from a Windows computer. If you put them both in the Alert folder, you should see 2 of the default alerts plus the Windows sound, when you go to set your new alert.

Let us know the result.
Im sorry but im lost on where the" Alert Tones" are located. I looked under sounds and see Ringtone, notification, and then various other notification options below for things such as sd card notification which are just checkboxes to enable/disable them not choose custom ones. ??????

Also on my SDCard\media folder I have 5 folders inside; Music, Alarms, Notifications, Ringtones, and Video.

In Music, its well, many many folders of music.
In Alarm, its empty right now, I haven't added any custom alarm sounds.
In Notifications, I have an mp3 file named "Sonar." However, when I go to notifications, for some reason its listed in the Notifications list along with the factory notification sounds as "Notifier_Sonar." Not sure why it appended "Notifier" in front of the file name but it works.
In Ringtones, I have just one ringtone, an extended version of the intro to A Perfect Circle's Judith. Cool. :)
In Videos, I have a copy of Despicable Me. LOL

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In the Android operating system, which you cannot modify unless the phone is rooted, there is a media folder that contains all the sounds that came with the phone. The folder structure looks like this:


Without root access you cannot add or delete sounds from the audio folder. If you want to add your own, you create a folder on the root (base level) of your sd card that mimics the folder in the OS. You can also add other folders under your media folder to organize video, music, photos, etc.

    some MP3
    some more MP3's
    holiday photos
    wedding photos
    some fav podcasts
    home videos
    youtube videos

That way all your media is neatly organized under a media folder. Makes it easy to find and easy to backup to your computer.

The reason you will see 2 sonar sounds is because the phone is reading both media folders, the one in the system folder and the one on your sd card.

Make sense?
Not to steal the thread. Have Motorola Droid 2 Global. Attach to computer via USB. Display the SD card contents. Created media folder in root directory. Created audio folder in media directory. Created ringtones folder in audio directory. Placed test.wav in ringtones directory. Full power offed the droid. Powered up droid and displayed ringtone choices on droid. Test was not picked up. Did the same thing by pacing a test.ogg file in ringtones directory with same results. Where have I gone wrong?