Setting midi file as message alert tone


Feb 7, 2010
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Tucson, AZ
I have a mid file I loaded on my shiny new Droid. I would like to use as an alert tone. No problem using it as ring tone, except I don't want to use it as a ring tone. Several folks at the Verizon store tried to make it happen. No luck. One suggested the file was too large. I cut it in half. Still, the file won't appear in the message alert list. How do I set it up as an alert tone? It was no problem on my Hue II phone.

Thank you
For notifications: media/audio/notifications
For ringtones: media/audio/ringtones
For alarms: media/audio/alarms

In simple terms, on the Droid SD card create a directory called "media". Then in the media directroy just create a subdirectory called "audio". Then in the audio directory create subdirectories called "notifications", "ringtones", and "alarms". Then just drop your files in the appropraite folder.

That's what I did and have had no problems. I drop new stuff in there all the time.