Droid not for business users?

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Nov 7, 2009
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Default The Droid is just not for business users - beware
Here are the ways in which the Droid is far inferior and not even usable from a business standpoint (at least for me):

1. no solid backup solutions - sure your mail, calendar and contacts can sync, but if you lose your phone and need to restore, plan on some hours and never getting quite back to where you were
2. no v-card (.vcf) contact file handling - this is common in the business world. Blackberry has been doing this for years, is it that hard?
3. No .ics file handling - get a meeting invite from a Blackberry or some calendar clients in this standard, can't even open it (pretty stupid).
4. You have to have an app just to kill other apps, tons of apps stay open, no way to close them upon exiting like on the Blackberry Storm. Ends up eating memory and killing performance and battery. My battery drains faster than my iPhones, and I thought the iPhone's was terrible. You have to baby this thing to nurse more battery life out of it.
5. Crappy apps, lots are not compatible with the Droid. Few are solid.
6. No media management - as a working professional, the last thing I have is time to mess with loading media. Apple makes it way too easy.
7. No auto-text - I need a dictionary I can edit for often used words and phrases (I couldn't do this on my iPhone but could on my Storm II, is this that difficult to implement?), shortcuts for auto-correcting into words or phrases often used.
8. Contact scrolling is lame, I can't jump to a letter section. More steps involved to search and find a contact. Slower than iPhone in so doing.

This is a frustrating experience for me. I've had quite a few smart phones for almost a decade now, from the old Nokia bricks to the original Blackberry, to the Moto Q and other WinMo devices and now this - though this is my first Android phone because I've read about such issues, I thought now would be the time to try on 2.0. Boy, was I mistaken. I am actually thinking of going back to AT&T after eating the ETF's! Ah! And their coverage is just so terrible. Or go back to a frustratingly slow and proprietary experience on the Blackberry Storm II. Sigh. Not sure what to do. I had high hopes for the Droid.
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Oct 25, 2009
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1) I guess you haven't looked in the app store or online as there are quite a few backup solutions.
2) There are programs that allow for the import of .VCF files
3) Yes it multitasks, somehow it think it's amazing that a full battery test of about 10 apps running and having the screen full brightness still brings in 7 hours use.
4) You can kill apps through the settings, you don't have to kill them through an app, just makes it easier.
5) 2.0 has been out for what all over. 2 days now.. get over yourself.
6) No media management? Go download Explorer... enough management?
7) There is a dictionary in a settings menu that you can add words to.
8) If you can't scroll to a letter then you haven't tried.

Please don't come on here touting stuff that is not true.
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