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Dec 30, 2009
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What happens when you clear dialer data?

Settings -> applications -> running -> Dialer Storage -> clear data ?

Sorry,didn't finish writing my post and I had to go so I just posted what I wrote,anyways I did that and it deleted all texts (Not contacts or anything(Not sure about Call Log history but I'm sure it would of too)) and I'm sure the phone got the extra 111MB of memory after I cleared all that data...but I just don't want to leave it as this I want to know what the "111MB" of data is cause I'm sure its not empty "space"...

that cant be texts(even MMS thats high) data >.> I have around 5000 texts on my phone now and it only takes up like an extra 2MB of data

something else is up with that size...

edit: ~_~ looked at wrong size. Still 6MB for 5000 texts the guy would have to have some 200,000 texts lol

edit 2: do you have maybe a video? I know you said all the MMS where moved to SD, but a video would do the same.

lol yeah no videos

I actually found out the problem...Dialer Storage keeps all SMS/MMS (Not sure about other stuff) but when you send pictures/videos it "Temporarily" puts them there,but if your pictures/videos DON'T get sent (No network/3G) then you get an "error" that it never sent BUT the pictures/videos are still IN the "Dialer Storage" even if you delete them from the Messaging app...

Found out this info from this link:
Issue 3505 - android - "dialer storage" way larger than it should be (and still growing) - Project Hosting on Google Code

"The MMS/SMS occasionally gets "deleted" at the phone's whim (moto droid), and this causes Dialer storage to grow because they arent actually being deleted, just lost somewhere (they dont show up)."

This here pretty much says EXACTLY what is happening:

"So, I rooted my phone, and downloaded "Root Explorer" (you'll need SU priviledges to do this)

/data/data/com.android.providers.telephony/ is where the "Dialer Storage is found. In that directory, is a "databases" directory, which includes 2 files (mmssms.db, and telephony.db). Both are sqlite databases, so if you pull them to your computer, you can open them up and read them with the "sqlite browser" (just google it). The telephony.db file just holds some info about your provider, but the mmssms.db holds all of your sms/mms messages. Also, within the com.android.providers.telephony directory, is the "app_parts" directory. This is where my "Dialer Storage" was getting all used up. It seems that when I was sending MMS messages, it would sometimes error out, and the attachment remained in this directory (with no extension). I actually pulled all of the files to my PC, added a .jpg extension, and they are all pics that I had taken, and couldn't send.

If you don't mind losing your sms/mms messages, the easiest solution, is to delete the mmssms.db file, and all of the files in the app_parts directory, and reboot. Everything will still work fine, other than you lose all txt messages. the mmssms.db file will be automatically re-created.

Brought my dialer storage from 60 megs, down to 54kb."

Now I'm just going to transfer the "Dialer Storage" to my computer and edit/delete the stuff in it. I'm 100% this is a "bug" and is VERY annoying ,cause me to delete about 20+ apps and I have about 20+ apps in the market that need to be upgraded but haven't since I don't have enough space. When I get my 100MB of memory back time to hit up the market and get all my apps back :) + 11MB Angry Birds!!

To sum up the problem..."Dialer Storage" is a "Temporary Folder" for MMS/SMS and obviously has a bug that when you delete it it actually never deletes them,just keeps them...

EDIT: I just thought of this...I actually NEVER have deleted my messages...but in the settings I have the option that does not allow conversations to go above 250 messages...is it goes to 251 it deletes the oldest text in that convo...but what if it really isn't deleting the texts just "Hiding" them since I can't see them?
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Mar 17, 2010
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I've also noticed that if you've ever encountered the bug where all your text messages get erased, they are still in dialer storage. They just don't show up in the messaging program anymore.