Droid Incredible 4G!!!

Unless it has Qualcomm S4 (krait) then I don't know if it would even be worth getting, sadly. Let's hope it has the specs to go with the name.
I tried to Google the Fireball... Is it just me, or aren't those the same pictures that were supposed to be The Edge about a week ago...?
Idk, I feel like this phone is going to be a letdown. I honestly might wait for iPhone 5.

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Doesn't it seem like the Incredible line is always overlooked/shad owed and ignored?

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Agreed! I loved my Dinc, and I am having a blast with my White Dinc 2! I was thinking about the Rezound for the 4g action... But then the Edge for the 4g Quad Core action... But if this next Dinc is 4g, and close to the last of the Dual Core Phones (all kinks worked out and what not...) That may be the direction I go...
Lol true! I love DInc, but I need something fresh and different. I'm gonna try Apple for a year.

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I like my DINC as well, haven't upgraded to a different one. I did like the DINC 2, but my next phone might be Motorola. I'm kind of smitten with the Droid Razr and the Razr Maxx, they are just beautiful phones. And while Sense UI has been great and all, it's kind of grown sour on me when it kept crashing all the time. I've been using Go Launcher instead for a couple of months now and figure it doesn't matter if I'm not a motoblur fan because I can just replace the stock launcher.

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I meant to say DINC 2. But, idk about Motorola products. They look cool, but the interface does suck. Go Launcher was cool for a minute until my battery kept running out so quickly. I say you should wait for HTC One X or some of the sort.

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