Droid Froyo Battery Usage WORSE


Dec 28, 2009
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I disagree. The phone shouldn't lose 30% from just sitting there.... it didn't do that before 2.2
I also have noticed my battery since the 2.2 upgrade getting the life sucked out of it within 10 minutes after being removed from power. When I look at the battery usage like you show in your picture, I don't see the idle usage as high as yours, but my Android System usage is over 50%...
I would think that if you have it charging all night, and it is only sitting idle, then the bar for idle would be higher than the others. I don't think that your battery should be any less than 100% when it has been charging all night. I think there is something up with the new upgrade. Something is draining our power. I looked all through my apps and removed any that would be getting updates (excpet my mail) and it still seems to suck the life out of my battery. I hope someone comes up with a fix soon. I already bought a second battery to keep this thing running when I am out and about.