Droid Browser Image compression


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Nov 15, 2009
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I went to a webpage on the droid browser that had text as part of a large image. I had to zoom in to see the text, but it was very pixelated, to the point of not being able to read it. Later I opened the same image on my desktop, and the resolution on the image was fine enough to read the text. Interesting, I thought, since this could mean that Verizon is proxying images across their network and lowering the image quality to save on bandwidth.

To test this, I hosted the same image on my local network and pulled up the image via wifi. The image quality was still crap, so this means that:

1) Verizon's network isn't the cause of the bad image compression
2) The droid browser is compressing and lowering the resolution of images.

Has anyone else experienced this? I'm not impresseed (my previous two phones, iPhone 2G & 3G, did not do this).
It wasn't a mobile site was it? Some times these sites will compress images to help mobile users. If it is m.xxxx.com or something that may be your issue.
then when you went with your desktop browser you would get the main site.
No, I hosted just the image on my own server. You don't really notice unless you have a test pattern. It may also require the image to be above a certain size (this particular image was 400KB).