Droid bluetooth PC connect not working...


Nov 15, 2010
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My droid 2 global's bluetooth peripheral driver won't install on my computer. I know this because after I paired it with my computer, I troubleshooted it on my comp and it said it wasnt able to install the bluetooth peripheral driver for the phone. Why isn't this working? This hasn't been working since I got the phone day 1.

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Mar 23, 2010
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Fix for Bluetooth Peripheal Device Driver

I found this information on another site (Solved Bluetooth Peripheral Device Driver - Page 2 - Windows 7 Forums)

It works for Vista and Windows 7 and it fixed my peripheral device driver error.

- Download the 'Windows Mobile Device Center' ( current version is 6.1 ) which you can download it from http://www.microsoft.com/windowsmobi...-download.mspx
this works for both Vista and Windows 7. I've tried it on both.

- Install the downloaded software but it may not look like it worked on Windows 7 PCs. Vista automatically configures the settings on the bluetooth devices but for those who have Windows 7, here are the things you should do:

- Go to 'Device Manager' from 'Control Panel' -Or- just right-click on Computer Icon and choose 'Properties' and then click on 'Device Manager'.

- You'll see an 'Unknown Device' named 'Bluetooth Peripheral Device'

- Right-Click it and click on "Update Driver Software" -Or- anyway you find it easy to bring up the Update driver window.

- Click "Browse My Computer for Driver Software" button.

- Click "Let Me Pick from a List of Device Drivers on my computer".

- Select 'Bluetooth Radio' from the list if it asked you to select and then in the next window, it will show a list of drivers with Company Names in one list and Drivers in another. In the Company List choose 'Microsoft Corporation', not only Microsoft.

- From the drivers list there may be one or more drivers with the name "Windows Mobile-Based Device Support" with different driver versions. Select one or the latest.

- Ignore any warnings and keep pressing next and then Finish at last. If all goes well, the last screen will show the message that device driver is successfully installed.

Now, after manually updating the driver for your bluetooth device, in 'Device Manager' when you click on 'Bluetooth Radios', it should display one more item which will say 'Windows Mobile-based device support'.

There are few more things that you want to pay attention to. If you have already added the device in your 'bluetooth device list' that didn't work, then remove the device and add it again. After you add it, you might need to restart the computer if it gave you a connection problem error message.

Every PCs that had Windows 7 and Vista worked after installing this software and I hope it will work for you too.