Droid and Magnet

Thanks for this thread. I just heard about the magnet issue today. I recently purchased my wife a Motorola Droid and got myself the HTC Droid Eris, (both from Verizon). We ordered cases and they sent the magnetic closure horizontal case. From reading through threads today it seems that there may be a concern that the magnet on the case might drain the battery.

My first question is, would this be the same situation for both the Motorola Droid and the Droid Eris?

Secondly, has anyone definitively proven that by having the screen facing outwards it will stop the drain of the battery?

And third, other than the battery drain, could the magnet actually affect the usage of the phone or is it just a drain to the battery.

Thank you in advance,


The reason for the magnet is - when placing a droid into the veriszon moto droid car holder - it will automatically put the phone into car mode - and when placed into the home doc - it will put the phone into the home doc mode - to test this - place a magnet on the back of the droid - and you will see that it changes (there is a magnet built into the droid car/home docs to do this) If you play with a magnet on the back of the droid - you will find 2 spots where - when magnet applied - will make the phone change mode.

The only way it will drain the phone is if the phone does not go into sleep mode after a certain time - which can be set up in the setup of the phone - so the magnet really has no effect on the function or battery life of the phone - all it does is change the mode - for car/home.

THe reason a holder with a magnetic closure will effect the phone is because the magnet is close to the back of the phone - the fix would be to just turn the phone around to keep the back of the phone away from the magnet - simple fix

ok - did I make sense of this?!? Sorry if I confused anyone