Droid 4 Replacemet Migration - Improved Model Specifications



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Aug 20, 2012
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Verizon's High Cost for Data Transfer

In reply to your response below, I left Verizon for the very reason you mentioned. In fact this month I closed 2 of my 3 accounts with Verizon and am getting ready to close the third. While they arguably have a better network, I found the marginal better quality not worth the marginal cost premium. My phones run mostly on 3G, for me phones are too small to watch streaming video, and there are many 3G plans with unlimited data (most restricted by not allowing tethering) however by making the switch I'm forecasting personal savings of over $800 a year.


My first complaint with my Droid 4 is the the camera quality isn't as great as my last phone or like iphone. I have a 3 year old camera with the same megapixels and pictures look a lot crisper. I'd appreciate it too if the external speakers could be set louder. At my workplace I cannot hear texts, and music gets drowned out by the background noise...I also very rarely feel it vibrate. Lastly, they could make the screen a wee bit bigger, but not complaining. The only issue I have with the screen is it gets blury when scrolling, but that is a very minor caveat. Pretty happy with my Droid 4! Now verizon download rates are insane, when there are companies advertising unlimited downloads Verizon's cheapest plan is 300 megs a month? $10 more for 1000? And $10 more for every 1000 after that? What use is NFL on your phone when you gotta pay so much for the bandwidth? I turned off 4g, what is the point of being able to use up your month's band bandwidth allowance in 2 hours :p
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