Droid 3 de-bloat gone wrong, HELP!! please.


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Nov 26, 2011
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Hi all, I have a MOTO DROID 3 and I rooted it, its working fine, but when i was debloating it with an application, I accidently deleted Process programs such as Auto-Updater(for instance market updater), and now it keeps force closing text messaging whenever i open it (process com.motorola.conversations) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again. I have tried to flash stock rom and tried to factory reset, but it wont flash stock rom (signature failed, installation aborted). I cant even download anything from the market. What can i do to get the process applications back so i can text, and download from the market(it is using the old market cause it cant update). HELP PLEASE, thanks!
You'll probably have to SBF your phone. Google "SBF" and "Droid 3." The second link (to RootzWiki) seems like it should have you covered. Good luck.

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Can you send me some links, AND whats SBF, im a newbie.
SBF returns your phone to its original, fresh off the production line condition (as far as software is concerned, anyway). It's factory reset on steroids. It restores your phone down to the system files.

[SBF] Droid 3 Fastboot files (5.5.959 and 5.6.890) - RootzWiki - Page 7

Hope this helps.

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Good advice! It's not that hard (takes a little effort to make sure you do everything right), and provides a tremendous sense of relief when the phone boots like new!