Droid 2 possibly bricked due to CyanogenMod 7 on Ginger Bread. Help!


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Mar 27, 2011
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Hello experts - HELP!

I rooted my phone pretty long back ago but had an itch to install CyanogenMod for a long time. I decided to install CyanogenMod7 this morning. Before I did, I installed full versions of "ClockworkModRecovery" , "Droid2RecoveryBootstrap" and "ROM Manager". Backed up my GingerBread (Android 2.3.3) ROM to the SD card as instructed. After that I went into the ROMManager's Download ROM option and downloaded the Rev Number version of CyanogenMod. I wish I did not install it. So anyway, I installed it and now my phone is stuck in an indefinite boot loop. The stupid CyanogenMod icon won't go away. I somehow got to the D2's boot loader by pressing Power button and Volume Down button but I cannot see the damn Droid2RecoverBootstrap option in there. I tried to factory reset it by clicking Power and X button on the keyboard, but to no help!

Can someone please help me recover my phone?


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Sep 5, 2011
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When you start the phone and it's on the M logo a blue l.e.d. will flash in the right-hand corner. Press vol down when it does and you'll be in Clockwork Mod Recovery. Wipe Cache, Wipe Data, go into advanced and wipe Davlik cache, then restart the phone again. If it still bootloops you need to install the zip again from Recovery.