DROID 2 launch accessories arriving at Verizon stores


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Nov 6, 2009
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Last week, Best Buy began carrying DROID 2 cases. And recently, Best Buy was seen placing a few dummy DROID 2 phones on display. Now, Droid-Life is reporting that DROID 2 launch accessories are arriving at Verizon Wireless stores. This lends to the credibility of the DROID 2's rumored August 12th launch date. So, what accessories should you expect at launch? You will find a Multimedia dock (backwards compatible with DROID 1), Car Mount, Screen Protectors, battery, Snap-On Hard Case, Body Glove case, and the Shell/Holster Combo.

DROID 2 Multimedia Station


DROID 2 Body Glove

So what is on your launch day must-have accessory list? Hit the source link for the entire gallery of accessories.

Source: Droid-Life
why couldn't they have made it so it would fit in the droid1 car mount? now after my droid1 dies ill have a useless mount!
Perhaps they could be planning to sell the clip part separate? Then you would only need that slipped onto the rest of the arm and sucker.
Just realised that would have been a good business opportunity if I hadn't said anything :-( So who is going to make them? 5% of sales (gross) for the idea please :-D
Seems like the car dock should be close enough that it would work on the Droid1...I like that dock much better. It's like the DroidX dock that allows you to just drop your phone in without having to plug in the cord everytime.
I would hope that the battery is the same from the Original Droid and the D2 but with the sleeker exterior shape of the D2 I doubt any Original Droid skins or cradles will work