Droid 2 for 149.99 or 99.99 with New 2yr or adding a line!!


Feb 13, 2010
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CHicago, IL
OK guys just got an email about this earlier. Figured the people that weren't liking the 199.99 price for the new Droid 2 would like this a little better. Hell, it's even making me rethink getting one.

Wirefly has the new Droid 2 for 149.99 with a new 2 yr contract, upgrade or if you add a new line to a family plan...

Welcome to our Wireless World - Wirefly

And TigerDirect (or Circuit City, or CompUSA. I just call them Tiger City USA lol) has it for 99.99 with new 2 yr contract, upgrade or adding a new line to family plan...

Welcome to our Wireless World - TigerDirect

So if the price was turning you away, you can rethink that. I don't know how long these deals will last, but I would imagine now long. dancedroid

Update: Newegg and Walmart are both offering Droid 2 for 99.99 for all options (new 2 yr, upgrade or adding new line to Family Plan)

Wal-Mart - http://walmart.letstalk.com/product/browse.htm?pgId=100&serviceCorpId=660

Newegg - http://www.cellstores.com/eCommerce/SpecialOffer.aspx?cid=35159_eb4e3298f48041d2a23e1901fceda909
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i wonder if they will still have this next month around the 15th? ha. thats when i can upgrade. well thanks for the info!