Droid 1 lag issue with 2.1 update 1 and 2.2(FRG01B)


Dec 8, 2009
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So Cal
Hi all,
I though i'd solicite the help of some of the master here to help me figure this out. Sorry this is so long, but i'm trying to fit in any info I think will be asked of me.

I've been having a lot of lag on my phone that didn't relate to any particular software install, update or anything I can discern. Its slow to load home screen icons. Its slow to allow me to click a button, whether its hard or soft. Its slow to launch switch programs. programs themselves don't seem to suffer once launched. But the general moving about it much worse then its been most of the time. Here are the details:

I noticed this first with my stock, non-rooted Moto Droid running 2.1 update 1. I did a force update with the posted file. It ran fine for many months afterward. It begane to slow down, so I did a factory reset and used MyBackup Pro to help me restore some apps and a few programs data. It ran ok for a couple days then seemed to slow down again.

I recently updated to Froyo with the 76MB file posted in one of the threads here. It went fine, but just to be sure I did a factory reset and setup everything from scratch, not wanting to dirty up new image with old data. I did restore a couple of notes program data and a contacts program, but everything else was fresh. I let the google sync take care of the apps this time and the ones that didn't come back on their own, I reinstalled through the market. The lag continued, but was no worse. I roote with easy root for fun and installed SetCPU and bumped to 800mhz with the standard kernal. it didn't seem to have much effect.

I do notice bechmark scores have gotten a good deal higher since the froyo update and I can see scores a bit higher after the overclock, but general use is still crappy and slow. I'm not runninga custom ROM, just the one from the official FRG01B. I'm still rooted. Stock shortcuts show up quicker then widgets, but not by a lot. I'm using a seidio extended battery.

I'm not sure what else I can do at this point. sugestions?