Driod X with friyo no longer runs PDAnet!


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Sep 23, 2010
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I upgraded my Droid X with the OTA froyo yesterday.
Now PDAnet is no longer working!:icon_evil:

I use PDAnet (a utility that lets you tether through Bluetooth Dun) about 10 times more than I use the phone.

1) Is there a fix?
2) can I back out to 2.1?
I upgraded yesterday to 2.2 and reinstalled pdanet and it is working as normal. I did do a factory reset right before I upgraded and did a battery pull after the upgrade. You might try these things to see if it helps.

I do not use PDANet through BT though...I use a regular USB cable to tether. The BT might actually be the culprit.
I uninstalled both PDAnet and the bluetooth connection on the PC and then set them up again.

Still no connection on bluetooth.
(I get 'The network access connection failed. Could not connect to the remote device')
I really liked this feature because anyone within 30 feet could connect to the network.

If anyone has success with this please let me know.

I didn't bring my usb cable with me to work so I will have to try that later.
I still can't get barnacle to work, off topic.
but after reinstalling PDANet on my mac, then it started working (through USB) I did not have to reinstall on my droid.