Download Videos From Netflix Legally!


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Oct 6, 2011
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Sometimes DMC makes accessing content you have paid for so ridiculous you end up having to find alternative methods. Netflix users have been begging for a way to watch content without a data connection similar to what Amazon Prime and even Youtube have. Other software makers have stepped up to the challenge and have provided ways to store Netflix content locally. Many of them record your screen and the video's audio similarly to a VCR back in the day. While this may not technically be illegal it is against the Netflix Terms Of Service and they can ban you if they catch you using these types of software.

Fortunately Netflix now allows you to download videos for offline viewing. This would have really come in handy last week when I was on a cruise ship. I payed the $70 for the "high speed youtube and video streaming" internet package, but I was not able to actually stream video for the duration of the cruise because the fastest speeds were never more than half a meg or so. Being able to download content before going on trips would be great!
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