Don't Be Afraid Of Linux Root


Sep 11, 2011
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I know there is a lot of apprehension out there among folks who want to root, but who have never used Linux. That was me too until I tried it. It's really not any big deal if you follow the directions EXACLY. I downloaded the Ubuntu file and burned it to a DVD. Then I booted my computer from that DVD. Ubuntu comes up with a GUI just like windows. You can open Firefox, and then search for the forum with the root directions. Then to open a terminal, just click on the "dash" icon, and search for terminal. What I did was just copy the command lines from the forum in Firefox right to the terminal. My first attempt failed, then I went back an uninstalled updates to the Superuser app, and tried again with success. I figure if I can get mine rooted this way, ANYONE can. No sense waiting around on an "easier" version, when this one is plenty easy enough.