Do Droid data/cache partitions get crufty?


Oct 24, 2010
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For my own edification(forgive my ignorance here)...

Can the cache/data partitions get crufty when you install and subsequently uninstall some programs?

Is the 'cleanliness' of the uninstall based on the app developer or the droid OS ?

I've had my droidx on 2.2 for a few weeks now. I installed many apps and removed many. Tweaked a bunch of settings to get it dialed in. Yesterday, it seemed things were running a bit sluggishly. Power cycling didn't seem to help. Tried shutting down services manually and the CPU would still not idle as much as it did a few days before. Knowing my contacts were backedup on Google and my apps list as well, I did a hard reset via (power/home powerup). I reinstalled only the apps I primarily used. My droid is running well again. No random CPU spikes.

I'm learning about the way this OS works but I'm no expert. Did find a page that shed light on the partitions to understand what gets wiped.

I was amped that getting back to a good point with the user options / installed apps took roughly an hour or so(with watching TV in the background).