Directions/Nav Deafult Help


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Jan 14, 2010
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University of Vermont
I am using (and have been for a while now) Dolphin Browser, and when i search for things using google local search it comes up with results and on the right side there is a bubble with the phone number on top and "Directions" on the bottom. Now if im not mistaken, when i clicked on get directions it USED TO come up with an option to open in the Maps app or in the browser (like google or w/e) but now i cannot choose one and it just opens in, and i cannot select a starting address (theres a blue double arrow in the bottom that is supposed to work but doesnt) nor can i use the results to get into Navigation...
Ive tried resetting application defaults for Dolphon Browser, and theres none set for Maps. What am I doing wrong/what has changed???