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Jul 22, 2010
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Hi all, not sure if there already is a discussion on this or not (sorry if there is) but I just updated my droidx and although there are changes that I'm already loving, it changed my keyboard color from black to light silver & I can't stand it! Has this happen to anyone else? Before the update I remember you could chose between light or black in the settings menu, but I can't find that option anywhere now. Please tell me I can change this...
Yeah this has been discussed a while ago. But dont feel bad it hasnt been asked repeatedly so its no problem. The white keyboard is basically stuck like that. I didnt like it either when i updated and there was a fix that doesnt necessarily work. You are just going to have to either deal with the plain and lame look. You could also look for keyboard replacements on the market but i doubt they work as well as swype. You could also try theming your phone but i dont know of any that have the black swype keyboard.
I think the 928droid black glass x theme has black swype available. Its either in the theme or in the form of an update.zip

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You can use better keyboard (although I don't believe it has swype option) but there are tons of themes for that on the market to make it black or w/e color honestly..
This is the Black Glass zip for the black keyboard. Niiice...

Need root, deodex, and themed though...


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Ultra keyboard

I know it may cost a couple bucks but, ultra keyboard app in market is the best solution have found so far for non rooted users... it can work as a regular or tracing(swype) keyboard ...it is by far the most customizable swype keyboard I have used...it takes a few trys to figure out the custumization settings but very worth the few minutes it will take ...so many colors and options for text, number, arrow and tool bar layout...like a kid in a candy store, it is hard to decide which keyboard I like best of the ones I have created...Give it a shot...Its free for 24 hrs and less than 3 bucks to buy.