Dial Up Apps With The T9 Launcher


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Oct 6, 2011
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If you have hundreds of apps that you use often chances are it is pretty hard for you to keep your homescreen nice and organized. If you have tons of apps it can be hard just finding your apps in your app drawer. There is a quick and simple way to find the apps you need. The T9 Launcher has a new feature that allows you to call up the app you need from the homescreen. The T9 launcher learns your usage patterns and improves your searches with predictive matching. Bring up the dialpad with the phones home button and simply dial up what you need.

T9 Features:
- Fast launching
- Predictive searches, learns your usage patterns
- Material based theme, including automatic theming depending on your wallpaper.
- Dial numbers directly from the dialpad, no need to go into the phone app.

Via Play Store