Development/ Hype slowing down for GNex?


Sep 22, 2011
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Is it just me or has the hype of this phone slowed a lot? I got the GNex shortly after it came out and it seemed like I couldn't keep up with all the development coming out for the phone. Now... the excitement seems less and development seems to has slowed, I was expecting Google to release updates, roms, etc...

Is the flood of android based phones spread the talent to thin? OG was a lone solider for a while
Developers can only work so fast. I personally think there's plenty to choose from and the one ROM I'm really interested in, CM9, isn't even out yet.

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I'm disappointed for the non-rooted folks who are still stuck on 4.02. For whatever reason, Google/Verizon hasn't released an update even though the 4.03 source code has been out for a while now. So much for Nexus devices getting timely updates. :frown:
I find it odd that 4.03 hasn't been officially pushed too, hopefully that changes soon :)
Vzw is probably adding in some code it lock it down. Anyway it all vzw fault

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