Deleted all of my pictures and keeps reseting ringtons


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Jan 15, 2011
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Washington State
Deleted all of my pictures and keeps reseting ringtones

I'm about through with this phone, it constantly resets my ringtones or just pics its own after I remove it from usb mass storage mode, and now it's just deleted 300+ pictures.

I have a D2G rooted using fission 2.4.3 never had a problem, tonight I set it up for the bluetooth on my computer to see if it would connect, automatically started playing music, then when I went to check my photos all but 30 of them were gone, Completely disappeared.

anyone have any idea on how to get them back?

also it constantly chooses the wrong ringtone, when my wife calls me I only get her ringtone about half the time, the other half it's my regular ringtone, and sometimes it's something completely different I don't even use.

Sometimes it will shift all notification ringtones randomly to another

I NEVER had this kind of problem with any other phone, I love the internet and how much this phone can do, but if it can't do the simple things then I'm going to go back to my BB.