dective droid x? or in need of a reflash?


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Jan 27, 2010
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My droid x has been deemed by moto and verizon to be defective because it randomly soft reboots and when it reboots it resends all my text messages. I am ordering a replacement from wirefly as soon as they get some in stock, but my question is, is it possible to fix these without getting a replacement? Would reflashing it with the sbf fix these issues(i planned to do this any way to get rid of the black status bar and root) but could this possible fix my issues before i need to order a replacement. And does anyone else get a green blinking led randomly? I don't have any new email, no voicemail or texts(but i changed it blink blue for texts)? Its just annoying seeing it blink green constantly. Thanks in adavance for any help.
If you did the NexTheme, this would happen to my Droid X every time I plugged the phone into the computer. Flash the SBF and you should be good.