Deal: Big Savings On Samsung Wireless Chargers


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Oct 6, 2011
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Samsung has some of the best wireless chargers around. I personally have about 4 laying around in various places in the house. I love being able to just set my phone down on a charge pad and not have to bend down to pick up a cord off the ground and then fumble around to get it plugged into my phone. Samsung is pretty proud of their wireless chargers and it shows as they charge a pretty penny for them. The stand goes for about $50 while the pad goes for about the same.

Right Now these charging pads are on super sale. You can actually pick up the Wireless charing stand for only $27 and the pad for only $19. Head to the link below to grab one of these while they last.

Samsung Wireless Charging Pad $19

Samsung Wireless Charging Stand $27
Good deal, thanks for sharing DMX
Be sure to read through the descriptions...the wall cable is not included for either one apparently.
And the fast charger typically as well, which is needed for fast charging.

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