Dead screen, I imagine...


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Jan 10, 2010
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I'm in Boston stealing a dorm from the girlfriend preparing for PAX East tomorrow thru Sunday, and my Droid's screen seems to have **** the bed. Suddenly when I unlock the screen, I can see the backlight, the touch commands function (I can swipe to unlock/take a call) but there's absolutely zero picture.

Is this a tell-tale sign of a dead screen? My warranty ran out in January (figures), and with no insurance it looks like I'm pretty much screwed. I may be able to steal an upgrade from the family plan (Primary line seems to have picked up the early upgrade) or just buy a used Droid until the dual-core phones start showing up, but not having a phone for this weekend will royally suck, as I use it for GPS, twitter updates for the event, blah blah I may have to consider biting the bullet on the upgrade to an Incredible, Droid 2, etc..


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Jan 13, 2010
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Pinetop, AZ
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Yes, it sounds like your screen gave up. Did it fall?

Anyways, if it were me, I'd probably try to look for a good used one from eBay or maybe look at the Incredible (ouch that hurts), as even though I am a HUGE batwings fan, I am NOT wanting to go backwards to a Moto phone with a locked bootloader.

good luck