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Nov 23, 2009
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They are now available on our site - Screen Protectors - DBA Cases

Or Amazon - Amazon.com: Just Like Glass Screen Protector - Samsung Galaxy S3 Screen Protector (AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, U.S. Cellular): Cell Phones & Accessories

[h=2]Just Like Glass Screen Protectors are :[/h]
  1. The most optically clear film on the market which allows you to enjoy the full HD experience on your phone.
  2. They repel oils, ink, makeup, grime, and strong chemicals.
  3. They have the lowest light distortion. (Third Party Laboratory Tested)
  4. They will never stain, haze, or cloud.
  5. They will never have the "Orange Peel" of other screen protectors.
  6. They are "Smoother than Glass". They have such a flat finish that the surface friction is less. This makes them 20% smoother than the actual glass.
  7. There is no plastic feel at all. It's like touching glass.
  8. The only film you can get that is not only scratch resistant but also resistant to screen breakage. The film increases the break resistance of the glass by 35%.
  9. The film will last the longest of any on the market. Testing showed that while a regular screen protector shows wear after 345 uses while Just Like Glass® will not see any evidence of wear over 10,000 uses.
  10. Made In The USA.
Question, is the Galaxy Nexus screen protector going to be available on Amazon also? I was hoping to use my Prime account for it.
The Galaxy Nexus won't be on Amazon because there is not enough demand for it. For Amazon you have to send a bunch for it to be worth it.

I just ordered 5 more for my site - so you can always get one there.
The Galaxy S3 screen protectors are almost sold out at Amazon. I have another shipment going out to them soon.
What is the fit of the protector?

Does it go from edge-to-edge? Or is it just covering the display portion?


The Galaxy Nexus ones are on Amazon - Amazon.com: Just Like Glass Screen Protector - Samsung Galaxy Nexus Screen Protector (Verizon, Sprint): Cell Phones & Accessories

Or my site - Just like Glass® Screen Protector (Galaxy Nexus)

The protector starts immediately below the speaker and goes nearly to the bottom. I tried several cuts and this is by far the best. From right to left it covers the entire screen.
I've had the Galaxy Nexus listed on Amazon and I've had quite a few sales with no complaints. Then all of the sudden two people complaining about the cut without commenting about the quality at all.

And asking for refunds after they post reviews.

Smells like another screen protector company to me.

If anyone has purchased one please review it on Amazon so these losers don't ruin the listing!

Amazon.com: Just Like Glass Screen Protector - Samsung Galaxy Nexus Screen Protector (Verizon, Sprint): Cell Phones & Accessories

You should check out the Galaxy Nexus Just Like Glass protectors. I've had one on mine for months and it looks terrific.

Just like Glass® Screen Protector (Galaxy Nexus)

Hi, I am very interested in your screen protector for the Galaxy Nexus. I wanted to ask if you would ever release a screen protector that covers the entire screen. While I can appreciate the square cut version on your website, I know for a fact that the Galaxy Nexus glass is complete garbage so the unprotected areas of the glass will be easily damaged/scratched. Please send me a message or reply to this thread should the product ever become available. Thank you for your time!