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Mar 8, 2011
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I live in the US right against the Canadian border. I am in an "extended coverage" area. Some parts of my house will hit the verizon network, others hit the extended network and a couple corners roam.

I have been concerned about international roaming charges. From what I can see all my voice usage has been on either the verizon or the extended network. I called verizon today to verify there have been no canadian charges for voice so far. There has been about 2meg worth of data roaming charges though (in 8 days).

I had assumed the "data roaming" setting being left off would eliminate this problem but it seems it does not. From when the international charges are occurring, it looks like it's the backup assistant that might be causing the problem. I assume the data roaming setting prevents the phone from receiving data but not sending? Changing the hours of the backup assistant is possible but not an ideal solution. It seems like it transfers more data than I would expect the backup assistant to during those I'm not completely sold on that being the sole culprit.

At work I have good 3G coverage and right up to my driveway it has domestic data access, so this "data roaming" option seemed ideal as I use the Wi-Fi at home.

Is there another option or something I'm missing that would keep it from any data transfer while roaming without manual intervention? The phone is rooted so is there anything related to root access that might assist me? I'd prefer to avoid going on the us/canada plan as it does not include unlimited texting...I don't know what my wife would do with her thumbs if she couldn't text constantly.

thanks for any help

**forgot phone info:

droid x
system version - 2.3.340.MB810.Verizon.en.US
Android Version - 2.2.1
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search the market for a 3G switch widget. you can easily turn off your phones radio and then just turn on your wifi. i think this is what youre talking about