Data plan pricing


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Apr 1, 2010
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I upgrade from the original Droid and was wondering, now that my contract is for 2 years, will I get to keep unlimited 4g data for the same price for those 2 years? That is for if/when tier pricing comes out.
Nobody knows. Data is a feature so Verizon could force us to switch, but they will most likely grandfather us. It would cause way too much of a backlash if they tried to pull that on everyone.
I have an optimistic suspicion that when the CFO was talking about introducing tiered pricing, he meant more along the lines of how cable modem companies will sell you more speed for more cash. If they are so confident that their network is so superior to AT&T, I'm hopeful they'll put their money where their mouth is. $29.99 for unlimited, 5-12mbps... $39.99 for unlimited 12-25mbps... $49.99 for unlimited 25-40mpbs.

Capped data is laaaaame. If Verizon makes their offering better while AT&T makes their offering more craptastic, Verizon will steal more customers away from AT&T.