Data in the UserComments field on images


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Dec 6, 2012
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Hey guys, sorry for the lack of 'lurk moar'.

imgur: the simple image sharer

Recently someone snuck into my house, took photo of all of my cards in my wallet, and has since proceeded to open accounts and apply for every loan under the sun with them.
I've since learnt of this, and the credit providers have been kind enough to provide me with the files sent to them unaltered.

From the image properties, I can tell that they took the photo at 5am, from a Samsung GT-I9305.

In the UserComments field I can see the start the the code in the picture.
I've since pulled extra data from the Comment field, but I'm wondering if anyone knows what kind of data the photo would have stored here.
It may be useless for me to decode.

I've tried loading the image onto my trusty (still in peak condition) Nexus S and check the properties that way to no avail.
has anyone come across this kind of info tag before? Also the full text from the comment field is a few lines long. I just need to find a good way to decode it.

Much appreciated Internet.