D2 is Coming up as MTP Device / No adb file


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May 13, 2010
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I've been trying to find a way to record my D2 screen like a screen capture or screencasting a live feed from my D2 screen. I'm not very familiar with SDK tools in fact, I've never used it. I downloaded it from the developer.android.com site v0.8. I opened the manager and downloaded all packages just in case. A tutorial on YouTube said I could simply use ddms.bat to do screencasts. I open it and come to realization that there's no adb.exe anywhere. So I don't know where that is...

A second issue came up. My phone won't be recognized as itself, instead, I get a bubble saying "Found New Hardware ... MTP Device." and it constantly comes up.

I went to the Motorola site and downloaded their Motorola Driver Installer but that didn't help. However, I can connect my phone as USB Mass Storage.

I've tried re-installing all of the above and starting over and still got the same results.

Going back to my primary intent, I also learned that I can do screencast through VNC client, but I don't know how that works. All this is new to me.

Can anyone help me?

My main problem is, my phone isn't being recognized by my PC in PC Mode.

Here's my phone info

Droid 2 running
Android version: 2.2.1
Kernel version: dbretzm1@il93lnxdroid22 #1
Build Number: GummyJAR
MOD/ROM Version: Unknown...?

Thank you for any help. I greatly appreciate it. :)
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Dec 21, 2010
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same problem on my droid x im trying to use adb and cant get a serial and this friggin mtp device keeps installing says "looking for preconfigured files" and installs and then a min later its doinf the same thing


Sep 30, 2010
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McKenney Va
I am not real sure why you are using the SDK to do screen shots when there is an app that does it (I use ShootMe).

But I do remember the last time I did an update to the SDK that the adb.exe was not in the tools folder which really jerked my chain. I had other copies on my computer so I just copied the file back into the SDK Tools folder. I will attach that file for you here.

Here is a link on how to get rid of the MTP device that seems to work for other devices.
Found New Hardware (MTP Device) wont quit popin up! - CNET MP3 players Forums

Make sure the following settings are checked in you phone settings before you hook up to the computer: Settings > Development make sure USB debugging is enabled by checking it.

Hook to computer, and on phone in notification area ya see the notification about usb connected. Open it up and choose PC Mode.

If your have correct drivers installed you should be able to go into SDK Tools folder and type adb Devices and see your phone. Then follow instructions for what you want to do.