D2 Global disaster in Brazil and Chile no network


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Jan 6, 2011
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Just got back from Chile and Brazil and had a terrible experience with my Droid 2 Global. The phone could not keep a connection to the GSM/UTMS networks for more than 15 minutes and that was when i wasn't moving. Data connection were ever worse.
It could not have been the network since the perosn i was traveling with had a native GSM/UTMS phone and it was rock solid. Was always in the city but usually no service and then maybe a couple of bars but only for a few minutes. The roaming data warning was constantly going off requiring a click. Tried manual searches, global mode and everything in between.
My BB Storm 1 was far more reliable in the same environment
So my question is has anyone else experienced this since i have seen people in Europe saying things work ok? Is it possible this specific phone has an issue?
Thanks for any help