D1 With a Mind of It's Own?


Jul 16, 2011
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I recently retired my OG after I purchased the Droid 3. Right before I switched phone's it started to click random buttons by itself. The phone was sitting on a table and it began to select apps and came close to calling someone as i just watched in amazement. I joked around that it knew it was getting shut off for good and ignored it until now. Today I turned it back on in preparation to sell it to a friend, however what i noticed was it was doing the same thing again. It was just selecting random things without me touching it. So I hard reset it 3 times with no progress.
When I also tried to press something on the touch screen it would press something else next to where my finger was. For example i tried to activate it and press a 5 and it would press a 4. Is there anyway to fix this or am I doomed to have a broken droid on my shelf forever?