Cyanogen Mod Will Fully Integrate SuperSU Into Privacy Guard


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Oct 6, 2011
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Cyanogen Mod 11 is finally reaching a stable form. This has been the focus of the Cyanogen Mod team for the past several months. They announced early on that they would finish up CM11 before shifting focus to CM12. Now that Lollipop has been out for a while it would stand to reason that we may finally see some breakthrough work from the Cyanogen Mod team. There are finally several unofficial builds out which are great if you want to be on the cutting edge, but for the most part there are a few bugs in each build which make them unusable as daily drivers.

It appears that Cyanogen is finally getting down to work on getting CM12 shaped up. There will be a few major changes in the Lollipop version of CM. In CM12 it will no longer be necessary to use a separate app to manage superuser access. Superuser is now fully integrated inside the Privacy Guard feature. Privacy Guard has been traditionally used to disable permissions on an app by app basis. Meaning you could download an app that lists several permissions and actually disable the permissions that you deem unnecessary. There is no telling when Official builds of CM12 will roll out, but this is a good sign that huge progress is being made.

Via Reddit