Cyanogen Mod Begins Rolling Out Final Builds Of Cm11 and Cm12


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Oct 6, 2011
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Today Cyanogen Mod Finalized their builds of Cyanogen Mod 11 and Cyanogen Mod 12. They will begin shifting their focus to Android M which will be here later this year. The final builds of CM11 and CM12 are each about as stable as they can possibly be and include necessary security fixes. CM12.1 is currently the main focus of Cyanogen.

Cyanogen cites the fact that many users have been slow to update to L as a reason for releasing another build of CM11. Apparently some user's are not fans of the material design in Lollipop. Cyanogen added that if you have made your way to CM12.1 there should be no reason to downgrade to one of these builds. Head to the link below for more info.

via Cyanogen


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Jul 18, 2010
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im not a daily, weekly or even monthly rom loader. I grab a stable one (CyanogenMod for the past two years) load it and leave it at that. I've been waiting for a stable release of 12/12.1 for the LG G3 forever, frustrating it hasn't been available so far. hopefully this will get me there. otherwise i might have to cross my fingers and squint and try a nightly. (it's just such a hassle setting everything up the way i like it lol)