Cyanogen Mod 11 For The Droid X Updated


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Oct 6, 2011
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It is hard to believe that the first real Android device that I ever owned is still receiving development support. I would have thought that by now most of these devices would have found their way to the landfill. I guess this is just a testament to how well Motorola used to build devices. The only real hardware issue I ever had with my Droid X was a spot on the screen from an old battery that expanded. Developer m.ksy has really been banging out the updates for the Droid X. He has been squashing bugs in his Cm11 build and taking names. In his latest update we get better OTG usb support, prebuilt Google Now with gapps, the addition of just archi's ArchiDroid Optimizations v2, cap max CPU frequency to 1 GHZ as soon as possible, and much more! You also get all of the Cyanogen Mod customizations that you love.

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I too had the screen issue from an expanded battery. I wish I still had that phone. My kids used it for games for a good year after I retired it and it finally got its screen broke.