CWM Issue

Data still doesn't unmount, so you can't wipe data.

RZRecovery is giving me the same problems so it looks like I'm just gonna SBF

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Have us noticed a problem when using the volume up button while the phone is on?

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I will take a look at the code and find out why, RZ doesn't have a X.

I'd appreciate it. Its alot faster than CWR with more options. If the data issue is fixed, I'm gonna keep it for sure.

I know the D1 version of RZrecovery charges the battery while you are in recovery. I don't think the DX version does because of the locked bootloader. Do you know either way?

i never got it to work :(

Download the file, Then use Root Explorer and go to preinstall/recovery and move the in there to your SD card. Place RZ recovery in preinstall/recovery and rename it to That's it. Then reboot into recovery.

If you want to go back, just delete the RZ recovery file in preinstall/recovery and move the old recovery file there from your SD