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Nov 7, 2009
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how do you work the cursor while typing on the touch screen?
I wondered the same thing.. the virtual keyboard doesnt have all the keys necessary to do things onscreen or even edit text you just typed without having to delete and re-enter.... Hmmmmmmm.... makes you wonder how they did their 'useability' testing......
There has to be something. how can you leave something so basic out.
you just tap the text where you want the cursor to go... i don't understand what your problem is...
That works about as well as when your tryin to pick up a woman, you big geek!
Compared to my shitStorm, it actually works pretty damn good. Or you could just slide out the keyboard and use the dpad....
How tiny are your fingers? I can get within a few characters usually, but it's near impossible to position accurately EASILY when that happens.
I have fat man fingers lol and I have no problem. If you tap once and its off a bit, then tap a little more to the left or right, works fine for me
The "scroll and select" key on the right side of the pull out keyboard (large gold key) swivels. You can press the left-hand side of it to move the cursor to the left and not replace the text. You can press on the right-hand side and it will move the cursor to the right and not replace the text.
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